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Walking 1000 miles in 2017 Challenge – Day 4 Low-tide at RHB

Taking a break from my desk at 1.30 / lunchtime I walked Ellie our 14 year old Labrador onto the cliff path for a sniff and a potter about. 

Then, (without Ellie) I set out on a circular walk down the hill past the Victoria Hotel onto the path to the Rocky fore shore. It was low tide or thereabouts. I passed the moored boats and walked onto the beach. Weaving in and out of Rock pools,seaweed, and long stretches of sand, to get closer to the waves rolling in and out, I took the images below.My phone battery ran out whilst I was videoing the waves, so no images from here on.&nbsp  

I walked along the beach to boggle hole where the cascading water pouring down from the hills made small pools to jump across using the (not so) well placed rocks. 

Negotiating the water I made my way up the rocks and seaweed at Boggle hole and instead of a coffee break at the Youth Hostel I carried on up the hundred steps onto the cliff path.

Along the cliff I turned inland – opposite direction to the sign to RHB and public toilets – towards Fylingthorpe and walked through the farmyard, onto the public footpath, alongside ponies grazing in the paddock, and turning right onto a road and right again at the end of the road onto the Cleveland way cinder path between RHB and Ravenscar. 

Walking back to RHB along the cinder path I walked in fading light through the trees to the road and then up through the car park and home. 9.2 kilometres and 3.85 miles.

Feeling energised to carry on working! Back to revisions for a paper about women walking, migration and citizenship, with a clearer frame of mind.

Day 2 & 3 of the challenge were spent visiting Scarborough and Durham. Although I was not there primarily to walk, it was great to see that I clocked up a reasonable 2 and 2.5 miles.
Back to work on Saturday with an Open Day, I will fit in a walk around the Campus-beautiful at this time of year! See the walk with Mark Carrigan at http://www.walkingborders.com

I’m still thinking of potential charities to raise funds for- there are so many I would like to support!  #walk1000 miles


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